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Biology-Centered Farming

Alemaya Farm's Roots

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Welcome to Alemaya Farm, where the serene beauty of Capay Valley, Yolo County, California, serves as the backdrop for our agricultural haven. Situated just 100 miles north of vibrant San Francisco and a scenic 60 miles west of the bustling city of Sacramento, our 73-acre sanctuary is dedicated to the cultivation of a bountiful array of vegetables, fruits, and grains across 35 acres.

At Alemaya Farm, we've embraced a biology-centered approach to farming that harmonizes with the natural world. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability leads us to avoid chemicals that lack certification from the esteemed OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). Moreover, we diligently source our seeds from Certified Organic suppliers, ensuring access to a diverse range of open-pollinated and hybrid varieties. It's important to note that we steadfastly steer clear of anything associated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

While we deeply respect Organic and Biodynamic principles, we have chosen not to pursue formal certification in either category. In 2022, after eight years of being Certified Organic, we made the decision not to seek renewal. We found that strict adherence to certification requirements diverted our focus from the true essence of learning and observing the rhythms of nature.

Join us at Alemaya Farm, where our unwavering commitment to sustainable, biology-centered farming brings you the very best of nature's bounty, free from artificial interventions and dedicated to the art of nurturing the land. Experience the difference today.

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We used high-quality purchased compost in the past, but now we are making all that we need

on our own farm. We make our own compost extracts and compost teas and apply them to the

soil and foliage to enrich the complexity of the biology on our farm: this makes our crops

healthier and suppresses disease and pest problems.


Our principal farmer has 30 years of very broad experience, centered on large-scale production

of vegetables and fruits. We also have a full-time, trained biologics manager, to assure progress

on our biological development objectives. The biologics manager oversees the making and use

of compost and compost products and applies many of those materials himself. He tests soil

samples regularly and examines soils and plant tissues with a microscope. Our biological

lodestone is the Soil Food Web system taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

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